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The Transform Network Podcast - A Progressive Christian Podcast

Apr 6, 2020

Sunday April 5

Ash-Lee Woodard Henderson is an Affrilachian (Black Appalachian) working class woman and the first Black woman Executive Director of the Highlander Research & Education Center, a historic social justice leadership training school and cultural center. Ash-Lee is a long-time activist working against environmental racism and for workers rights, racial justice, and women’s and LGBTQUIA+ rights across the South. She serves on the governance council of the Southern Movement Assembly and is a nationally recognized leader in the Movement for Black Lives.

HOSTS: Vahisha Hasan, Founder & Exec. Dir. of Movement in Faith, is hosting Resipiscence 2020 on The Transform Network Podcast, A Progressive Christian Podcast. It's an accompaniment to this year's lenten devotional by the same name. Visit

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